Keeping Track of Your Reading

In the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out a system to organize my reading challenges so I can check off the categories as they’re met. This exercise has made me take a fresh look at the way I keep track of the books I’ve read.   I’ve always kept it simple – just a notebook where I jot down author, title, and date finished – but when I go back a ways it’s hard to remember my reactions so I’ve decided to keep a more detailed record.

I use Goodreads and I love that as a resource but I can’t be without some written record.  There are just too many pretty pens and journals in the world for everything to be digital!  Browsing on Amazon has given me some ideas but none of the reading journals has jumped out as a must-have so I don’t think a pre-formatted journal is for me.

Do you have a favorite journal or method for logging what you’ve read?  What information do you keep track of? Any and all suggestions are welcome!